Website Essentials Workshop

In this 1-hour workshop we’ll cover: SOLD OUT – Check back for more dates

  • A foundational understanding of the purpose of having a website
  • The importance of having an effective design that stands a great chance of having the visitor stay on the site long enough for them to do something you want them to do
  • Having “Calls to Action” on the home page that get visitors to pick up the phone to call you, fill out contact/estimate forms or find your location(s) and drive to it
  • Why having a mobile version of your website is essential.  We’ll cover what these should look like and how it’s all about effective “Calls to Action” on these mobile versions of a site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-  This is where the rubber hits the road.  SEO is the science of getting your site to rank as highly as possible.  Lots of developers say they will “optimize” your site but developers are a dime a dozen.  True web presence managers have taken the significant time required to truly learn the science of SEO and keep up with the constant changes in this field
  • Having your online business NAP (Name, Address, Phone) accurate and consistent everywhere and why this is important
  • The impact video can have on your website, both in terms of visitor experience and search ranking potential
  • Corporate espionage, how are your competitors doing online and how to beat them at this game
  • Time permitting, a live review of your web presence if you so desire. Follow up one on one’s can be scheduled for this as well



Effective Social Media and Reputation Management Workshop

In this 1-hour workshop we’ll cover: NEW DATES AVAILABLE

  • Why you must be effectively participating in social media for your business
  • Proper branding for success, Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • Promoting your social media, gaining “Likes” and “Followers”
  • Killer content that engages your audience in the conversation.  Just posting “car stuff” and “hope everyone has a nice Monday” doesn’t cut it.  Nobody cares. Same for posting constant advertising/promotions.  You must post things your audience will find fun, things that will draw them in and elicit some responses.  If you get 3% of your audience engaged that’s considered a success.  Sounds easy but it isn’t. Engagement means credibility and that’s getting noticed by search engines
  • Using video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for engagement and brand recognition
  • How frequently you should post?  How much time per week is likely required to do this correctly on Facebook, Google, and Twitter?
  • Targeted boosting and promoting Facebook posts to your market area.
  • Seeking online reviews
  • Monitoring online reviews
  • Responding to online reviews
  • The impact of getting Google reviews on Google search rankings.



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Website Essentials Workshop



Effective Social Media and Reputation Management Workshop

Wednesday, June 28th at 3 p.m. Central