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The Process of Geofencing

Target Advertising Only Within Your Service Area to Limit Waste

fine tune your marketing reach with geofence zones

Our technologies allow us to target advertising by DMA (direct memory access), IP address and specific zip codes. 

No need to advertise to the entire city or territory when you can target your marketing and advertising spend within your specific service area.

Geofencing Helps You Target Consumers Based On Physical Off-Line Activities

Place-based marketing allows us to reach consumers directly on their mobile phones when they visit specific locations and events like – competitor body shops, car dealerships, car shows, cruise events, etc.

geofencing targeted locations


(Geo-Fencing) Direct-To-Mobile Advertising Solutions: This technology allows Clients to target advertising to Consumers (directly to their mobile phones) who visit specific locations and events 

Geo-Defined Targeted Advertising: Our technology allows us to target specific consumer groups based on demographics and on-line behaviors, in tightly defined geographic areas.  We serve ads on all platforms – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  

Competitive Conquest Marketing: We have a proprietary suite of services that allow our Clients to target consumers who visit their competitor’s brick-and-mortar locations and/or consumers who have viewed or interacted with content tied to specific competitive products or services on-line.

Intelligent (Website) Retargeting: Target users who have recently visited your website. Site retargeting forms the bedrock of all campaigns and ensures all other marketing efforts are maximized (TV, Radio, Print, Facebook, PPC, Geo Fencing, SEO) For on-line retailers retargeting increase their sales completion ratio by as much as 3x.

Shielded From Competitor-  Those within the physical boundaries for longer than normal (2+ hours) will not see ads as we assume they are employees of the geo-fenced location. Which leads to…

Recruit Employees From Competitor Shops-  Geo-fence a location to reach out to employees within that location, attract them to a landing page targeted specifically to them highlighting your opportunities, benefits, etc.

Geo-Fencing Cost:  For most body shops, the cost of geo-fencing is in the neighborhood of $2K a month depending on the client’s needs, population base and other factors

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