Spring Cleaning for your Web Presence

Does that website need a little extra attention? Some updates? Or maybe you need a whole brand new website? We are here to help.
For a limited time, we will be taking 33% off of all our service setup costs. Now is the time for something new for your business.

We also offer full social media management services as well as top notch Google Ads management. Let us know which service you are interested in below and someone will contact you

  • Website Development and Ongoing SEO
    $600 deposit - $295 per month

  • $600.00 down, then $295 per month for 12 months which covers the new website, ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), security updates, our “Text Us”/Review Generation system (which allows people to initiate texting with your business and allows you to seek Google reviews by text as well), content and graphic updates, directory listing management across a network of over 70 directory listings, plus we throw in web hosting for free. The $295 a month continues, on a month to month basis, to cover the things listed above, after the first twelve months. The site will be optimized for mobile friendliness as required by Google as well as meeting Google’s website security standards. We'll also highlight any of your OEM certifications for you.
  • Social Media Management
    $695 setup - $495 per month

  • $495 a month after a $695 setup for customized branding, video intro/outro branding, and full integration. Includes at least 4 posts per week on your Facebook page, monitoring activity and reviews on these accounts and your Google My Business page, plus a monthly value-added video for your website, YouTube and social media accounts. These videos include things like car care tips, driving tips and more. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our posting isn't marketing and advertising all the time. Since people only need a body shop when they need one, which is about once every 7-10 years or so, they don't want to see posts that are strictly designed to drum up business. Instead we try to post things that are interesting, engaging and keep your followers in touch with your brand until they, or someone they know, needs your services. We’ll also monitor Facebook and Google reviews for you, respond to 4 and 5 star reviews automatically and bring them to your attention, as well as bring 3 star and less reviews to your attention as they come in and work with you on how best to respond. We also boost or promote at least a couple Facebook posts per month to increase outreach and increase the number of page "Likes" you have. We'll provide you with suggested flyers you can use to invite people to follow your social media accounts.
  • Google Ads Management

    Our Google Ads pricing is based on ad spend, in other words what you are willing to pay Google to sponsor the keywords your target audience use to find the services you provide. We charge a 12% fee to manage the campaign for you. We suggest starting with a budget of at least $1,600 per month of Ad spend. The setup fee for Google Ads is $495, one time, which covers getting all the correct keywords established in your market territory, blocking keywords that will return unwanted clicks (such as The Body Shop company that sells skin care, soaps, etc.) and the creation of a landing page for people who click on your ad. We'll incorporate Google Analytics that will track the clicks requesting estimates, factor in your closing ratio and multiply that times your average repair so you'll see a direct ROI. We're seeing at least about a 3-1 and up to 12-1 ROI with other clients
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