Statement of Work (SoW) for Techmotive Website Development Project

**1. Introduction:**
This Statement of Work (SoW) details the tasks, deliverables, and timelines for the development of the Techmotive website. This document also outlines the payment terms for the work conducted.

**2. Objective:**
The objective of this project is to create a professional, clean, and easy-to-understand website for Techmotive. The website will provide clear information about the company, its services, its team, and the equity partnership opportunities. It will serve as an educational resource for potential equity partners and appeal to the company’s B2B customers.

**3. Scope of Work:**
The website will consist of the following pages:

1. Home (Main Landing Page)
2. Services
3. About Us/Team
4. Equity Partnerships
5. Contact Us

Each page will be designed in line with the company’s design/color/logo theme (once provided). The content will be easy to understand and professionally presented.

**4. Tasks:**

– Web Design and Development
– Content Creation and Editing
– SEO Optimization
– Testing and Debugging
– Site Launch

**5. Deliverables:**

– A fully functional, responsive, and optimized website
– Well-structured and easy-to-navigate web pages
– SEO-optimized content for each web page
– User acceptance testing and debugging reports

**6. Timeline:**
Estimated duration of the project: 30 business days from the date of commencement.

**7. Payment Terms:**
The total cost of the project is $4,000. Payment terms will be as follows:

– $2,000 to be paid upfront before the commencement of the project.
– The remaining $2,000 will be payable upon completion and approval of the website by the client.

**8. Acceptance:**
The project will be considered complete upon the successful launch of the website and approval by the client.

This SoW is subject to the terms and conditions of our service agreement. Your signature below indicates acceptance of this SoW, the project and payment terms.