Web Design, SEO and Social Media for the Auto Industry

Optima Automotive exclusively performs web design, search engine optimization and social media management for the automotive industry. With that type of specialization you can rest assured you’ll get the personal, professional touch from our business professionals. We’ve been part of the collision repair industry for nearly thirty years and know the auto body industry inside and out. To us, your site isn’t just another business that we’ll give a cookie-cutter site. You’re getting a website specifically tailored to bring wrecked cars to your auto body shop.

Optima Automotive is unlike any other web design business in the industry. Our main focus is Search Engine Optimization, which is making sure your business can be found by everybody looking for your services, not just your specific shop on Google and the other search engines. For costs you’ll likely recoup in just one repair, Optima Automotive will give your shop a huge advantage over the competition on the search engines. For a low monthly fee, we’ll also make daily posts to Twitter and Weekly posts to Facebook to supplement your existing Social Media or set everything up for you, completely optimized and ready to go! We also help set up and manage Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

Contact us today or request a free analysis of your body shop’s website and social media today!