Social Media Management for Auto Body and

Auto Repair Shops

Social media management for business is crucial to long term success and brand visibility today. Over a billion people are on Facebook! You need to play effectively in this arena. But who has the time? Optima does! Our Optima Prime package includes 4 weekly posts on Facebook plus monthly  boosting and promoted posts to your target market, and 1 new custom branded video per month. This maximizes your exposure to this important audience, prospective customers who need, or will need your services. Package includes  promotional strategies, QR codes, and suggested flyers to gain followers and to help you encourage people to “Like” and follow your business.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach things. Optima can help you:

  • Join the conversation and become a leader in the online topics you specialize in
  • Build your company’s brand and image in your market
  • Create or update effective SMM accounts on Facebook, Google My Business, and YouTube
  • Write effective, fresh, continuous content
  • Monitor your accounts daily, 365 days a year
  • Build your base of fans and followers
  • Run special promos, offers, advertising
  • Increase your sales potential
There are now 3.196 billion people using social media world wide
Nearly 70% of the general public say a positive referral from a friend on social media positively influences their decision to buy a product or service
81% of marketing specialists say that social media has created enhanced exposure of their brand, and thus, improved traffic to their sites and, most importantly, to their door
Nearly 80% of marketing experts indicate boosted search engine rankings through effective participation in social media. Facebook is showing up regularly on searches as well
84.4% of small business owners report an increase in company exposure
87% of consumers trust friends’ recommendation more than traditional advertising

When looking at facts like these it is easy to see that having a carefully managed Social Media campaign, as a part of your overall marketing strategies, is essential to getting your company seen and brand recognized. This, then, translates into increased traffic to your social media sites, website and cars to your door to fix. Contact Us now! Don’t be on the outside looking in!