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Cyber “Insecurity” Workshop

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Cyber security is a major issue that can have a severe negative impact on you, and/or your business. Just ask Ryan Cropper from Able Body Shop in Anchorage, Alaska. A hacker got into Ryan’s office computer via an open port and took over, holding Ryan’s computer system for a $4,000 ransom. Learn how to protect yourself from this and other threats in this important workshop.

In this cyber security workshop Optima Worldwide’s Mark Claypool will share what happened to Ryan and what he did about it.

Mark will also share the following:

Threats that online cyber criminals pose to your business

Malware Identified and Defined

Steps You Need To Take To Protect Yourself

Cyber Insecurity, An AMI-Approved Workshop


Mark Claypool
Mark ClaypoolPresident and CEO, Optima Worldwide/Optima Automotive
Former Contributing Editor and Monthly Columnist, BodyShop Business Magazine

Length- 1 Hour
AMI Credits- 2
Cost- $95

Dates: Did you miss our live workshops? We have a recorded version for you to view!

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