Your Time to Text Is Now!

People text a lot! In fact people text an average 94 messages a day. (That’s over 33 thousand texts a year by the way) And people like to text… Well, Everyone! They text their friends, their family, their co-workers, their boss, their grandma!

So why don’t they text your business? Because they can’t?

It’s time to change that!

Let people talk to your business the way they talk to their family and friends!

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But Really, The Time to Text Is Now! Give it a Try and Text Us!

Send out Review Invitations to all of your customers.

Take a quick look at the dashboard. This shows how easy it is to send out invites from the system.

With our system you can:

  • Text your customer a review link
  • Email your customer a review link
  • Text or Email to a bulk list of your customers
  • Send out a review through CCC (yes! this is integrated with CCC)
  • Track invitation clicks

Are You Overpaying for Google Reviews?

Try our cost calculator and see how much you could be saving with our system

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