Sample Google Ad

Sample Google Ad

You’ve seen them before, likely hundreds of times. Sponsored ads in a search result. You enter a search term and an ad comes up.  These are called “Google Ads” (on Google of course) and Google says the average ROI is 2-1. We at Optima are doing much better than that for our clients, averaging somewhere between 3-1 and 5-1, and higher for others.  Our clients have become believers and I’d like to share some of their success stories with you.  Consider these case studies…

Small Market- Single Shop

THE CHALLENGE- A single location in a smallish town had a few local competitors and a couple consolidators not far away. The owner wanted to truly dominate the search results, showing up everywhere possible when people searched for the services he provides.

OPTIMA’S SOLUTION-  After building and fully optimizing their website so that is was ranking well organically, Optima started a Google Ads campaign. We upped the bid limit for keywords people would use so that it would be difficult for local competitors to outbid them. We targeted a large territory around their shop. The goal was to bring in a huge amount of traffic, and not just any traffic, but quality traffic.

THE PAYOFF-  Optima delivered a massive return for this shop. In December of 2020, we brought 210 prospects to the landing page we built for them. Of those, 16.3% submitted a request for an estimate or called the shop. That’s called a “conversion” and Google’s average conversion rate is only 2.35%. The shop is paying $1,800 a month for these ads and we are bringing in an average of $26,000 a month in work for them. That’s a 14.4% ROI! Wow!

Dealership Collision Centers

THE CHALLENGE-  For the first time this dealer group was promoting their network of body shops with their own unique, standalone web presence. Smart move, and they choose Optima Automotive to help put them on the mat. They wanted to see traffic coming to their new website, reaching as many people as possible who search for a body shop in their respective areas. Then, ultimately, they wanted to convert this traffic to paying customers.

OPTIMA’S SOLUTION-  Optima built two unique landing pages on the new website we built and optimized for them. Ease of use was key here as visitors were able to simply navigate to the correct location and initiate contact. With heavy duty location targeting and exclusion zones that directed traffic to the correct landing page, the goal of these Google Ads was to be able to draw a direct line between these ads and sales closed.

THE PAYOFF-  The first month alone traffic to their site increased 456%! The shop received 69 phone calls and 39 requests for estimates online. In the fourth quarter of 2020 the shops received 96 online estimate requests and 193 calls as a result of their Google Ads campaign. All this during a strict lockdown due to COVID.

Large Shop, Competitive Market, Expanding Into Mechanical Repair

THE CHALLENGE-  This well established collision repair shop did large volume, but during COVID things slowed down a lot. They did mechanical repair but didn’t promote it too much up to recent days. With collision repair revenues down, they wanted to bring in more mechanical work. This would require a change of strategies for all their avenues of promotion, website, social media and Google Ads.

OPTIMA’S SOLUTION-  Optima created a marketing strategy to help break ground into promoting their mechanical services. We built a special landing page on the website which showcased the fact that this shop also did mechanical work. A simple contact system was created. Then a Google Ads campaign was launched based on in-depth keyword research we did, and on market analysis of competitors we wanted to target.

THE PAYOFF-  Less than a month into the campaign the client has already increased the traffic to their website by 230%. The shop’s mechanical techs have never been so busy and the loss of revenue on the collision side is being replaced, and then some, by the mechanical work being done.

It’s more and more difficult to bring in business these days, especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID crisis. Google Ads provides you with an effective option to get more visibility, drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into paying customers. Optima has this dialed in to the Nth degree. How can we help you drive new business to your shop?  Click HERE