Project Description

Dealership Group needed help promoting their new collision repair network


This dealership group was promoting their collision repair facilities as a network for the first time and wanted to drive traffic to the new website. The goal was to reach as many people as possible when they were using search terms for their industry and ultimately get leads from that traffic.


We built two landing pages on the clients website that made it really simple to navigate and contact the locations. We used heavy location targeting and exclusion zones so that we could direct the web traffic to the correct landing page depending on what location the user was at so that we make sure to get the correct traffic to the website.


In the first month, we grew traffic to their site by 456% and received 69 phone call leads and 39 estimate submissions. In the forth quarter alone, we drove 96 Estimate Submissions and 193 phone calls through the Google Ads campaign during the lock down pandemic!