Project Description

Small town single location shop wanted to get every job possible!


This was a single location shop in a smaller town with a few competitors but wanted to dominate the search results and show up everywhere for every search related to collision repair.


After building out the website so it was ranking well in the organic Google search results, we started the Google Ads campaign. We increased the bid limit so that the client would very rarely get out bid for the number 1 listing and targeted a large area around their location. The goal was to get as many people on the website as possible.


We have managed to bring in a massive return for this client. Reaching conversion rates of 16% (the internet average is only 2.35%) bringing them well into the top 8% of all websites as far as conversion rates go. With their $1,800 per month budget, we are bringing in around $26,000 worth of work for them.